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Hilarious Facebook Fails

There are some really….interesting folks out there. It’s sad, really.

Shame on Luke. That’s just tacky. At least his girlfriend thought so.


At least her friends are more intelligent.


Guess Mom and Dad forgot to call a family meeting on this decision.



Don’t bet with ignorance, even if it’s entertaining. It’s just mean.

fb-fails-26Is Cinco de Mayo being celebrated on the 4th or 5th? Because the 5th is on a Monday…

fb-fails-25Mother Nature is truly an artist.

fb-fails-24Who knew Jesus was violent?

fb-fails-23He probably celebrates 4th of July on the wrong day, too.


Point proven.


It’s like the 90s phone inventors just KNEW there would be a reason for that pound sign someday.

fb-fails-17Duh, pay attention to her question.

fb-fails-16Yeah, that Hippocrates was totally #lame. fb-fails-15

Oh, my, Kirk.


At least the kid still has time to learn the correct use of the word. Mommy is most likely hopeless.

If anyone tries this, be sure to let me know how it works for you. fb-fails-8Sun, star. Tomato, tomahto.

fb-fails-7So apparently texting was invented before 1962, and we just didn’t realize it. fb-fails-5

I weep for the future. fb-fails-4Well, in that case…
Actually, it’s spelled AUSTRALIA. fb-fails-2

Those silly Canadians. So dumb. fb-fails-1

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