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wordThis story begs to be reviewed in a beauty/fashion blog! Can your appearance be such a big factor that it would supersede in the workplace your:

  1.  Performance
  2. Personality
  3. Tenure

I would like to offer you this story for thought before you start commenting…..

I have worked with my company for 13 years as an executive assistant. My clothing budget is not extreme, so I focus mainly on clean, respectable and approachable while still being current. My office is casual so we often all wear jeans. I add a lot of accessories and mix in quality tops and current jean trends as part of my style. I arrived at work on Friday wearing a silk blend peplum top and boyfriend jeans with some ripping at the knees. As I walked past my executive’s office, he was on a conference call and his door was open. I smiled “hello” and as I passed by him, he proceeded to tell the group on the phone that his assistant just walked in looking like she was attacked by dogs because she had holes in her jeans….and then he lost his train of thought on the call and took a minute or two to gather where he was speaking.

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 11.14.55 AMHMMMMM……

I would like to tell you that your appearance doesn’t matter, but I would not be telling you truthfully. Your heart, your work, your POTENTIAL is all underneath the way you present yourself. If you are not seeing results at work, in love or in general that you want, then I would like for you to consider this….are you displaying your best self?

The clothes do not need to be expensive, the haircut doesn’t need to be blown out every day, but putting the “BEST” into it will reap you benefits far beyond what you think is possible.

I learned from my own experience that although my office is casual, my position is not. My future earnings and job opportunities are based on a lot of factors, but if my appearance is hindering my otherwise great and glowing resume, I am not doing myself any favors by ignoring it. My position will not advance if I don’t stand out in a good way.

Are you experiencing the results you are hoping to achieve? Connect with me and we can discuss some small steps that can yield you big results!

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