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Chocolate Banana Ice Cream in Two Minutes

1097426_79745455I saw a post about this pop up in my Facebook feed last week, and I thought, “Wow, bananas totally disgust me, but my two-year-old loves them. What a great idea.” And then I promptly forgot about it, until the next morning, when he ate approximately one-half bite of the breakfast banana he insisted on having.

Every time your kid doesn’t finish a banana, instead of moaning and groaning, toss it into a baggie in the freezer. Then when they’re being really well-behaved, tell them they can have ice cream.

The original recipe, from modernparentsmessykids.com, is this:

3 bananas, sliced and frozen

2 tablespoons cocoa powder

blender or food processor

Now, I only had one banana (minus the bite) and it wasn’t sliced. I threw the whole banana into my Ninja, added the full two tablespoons of cocoa powder, and started blending. Oops…way too much cocoa powder! I had a jar full of brown grit. No worries, I added some milk, and it was perfect. It made a healthy serving size; my kiddo ate plenty and couldn’t finish it. It only saves in the freezer for one to two hours, though.

The original post has other flavor variations, too, for the heathens in the world that don’t like chocolate. Cheers!

Note: I can’t vouch for the taste from an adult’s perspective, as bananas make me gag.


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