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Indoor Sailboats: A Rainy Day Activity for Young Explorers

boatfeature“Hey Mom, can we make a boat like they did on Curious George?”

This question came as a kind of a shock to me because it’d been a LONG time since we’d watched Curious George and because I had NO CLUE what boat my 4 year old was referring to (and believe me, he went into GREAT detail describing it…) I am all about spending constructive time with my kiddos, especially when they get to build and create, so I thought, sure, why not!

After a few minutes of scouring through Netflix trying to find that EXACT boat episode, I gave up. Although, in the short time I looked, I realized how cool Curious George really is. That little monkey has instilled a “curiosity” in my boys for all sorts of sciency things; like looking for dinosaur bones (write-up soon to come) and being a scout (aka “nature tracker”), to learning about the weather systems, and now boats. So mad props to you George and PBS for inspiring kiddos to create and explore!

So back to our boats. I gathered up a few things around our house that I thought would easily make a boat. Here is what we used…


  1. 1, Styrofoam plate
  2. 2, 6-inch wooden dowels
  3. Hot glue gun and glue
  4. Colored Flannel
  5. Scissors
  6. Markers

Making the boats was super easy and fun for my 4 and 2 year olds. I did all of the gluing (since hot glue guns aren’t safe for little guys) while Goose and Skooter did all of the designing and coloring.

sailboat kids craft 2

Goose even cut the flannel by himself into a triangle-shaped sail!

sailboat kids crafts

After we were done crafting, it was time to see if they actually could float! Fill up the tub!

boats 7

This made for a great “Rainy-Day/Indoor-Activity”! It was super easy and allowed my boys to create and build. And the best part was that my boys played with them for easily over an hour.

Here are some other boats that I found that would be super easy to make! (Thank you, Pinterest!)

Five Homemade Boats by Craftulate

This super-crafty mom made an assortment of home-crafted boats and tested them with her kids. I particularly like the boat made out of corks and elastic bands. I also like that all of her boats are made out of up-cycled materials like milk jugs and such. We are definitely going to try these out this summer!

Homemade Boats by East Coast Mommy Blog

Here is another blog, where a super-mom allowed her kids to make boats out of materials that were a bit more kid-friendly than my hot-glue gun. I love how they used play dough instead of glue. Brilliant I tell ya!

Little Boats by Moment To Moment

This one is my personal favorite! This super crafty (and outdoorsy) mom helped her child construct a boat out of materials found in nature like sticks and leaves. Although they did end up using hot glue and some hemp string to make it sturdier, I still think the concept is fantastic!

Written by Amanda Steele. Full post can be found HERE


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