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Congrats, Claremore Spelling Champs!

Claremore elementary schools recently competed in the beloved tradition of the annual spelling bee. The earliest known evidence of the phrase spelling bee in print dates back to 1850, although an earlier name, spelling match, has been traced back to 1808. The first winner of an official spelling bee was Frank Neuhauser, who won the 1st National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C. in 1925 at age eleven.

The winners from each school (grades 2nd – 5th) participated in the City-Wide Spelling Bee on Friday, March 14, at the Robson Performing Center.

The winners of the City-Wide Spelling Bee are:

2nd grade: 1st Gabriella Stinson (Claremont), 2nd Adele Wilson (Westside), 3rd Emily Evans (Catalayah)


3rd grade: 1st Bella Zherebnenko (Westside), 2nd Joshua Fountain (Claremore Christian), 3rd Coda Morgan (Roosa)


4th grade: 1st Jaxon Woods (Roosa), 2nd Kennedy Nees (Roosa), 3rd Samantha Huey (Claremont)


5th grade: 1st Kobe Bradley (Claremont), 2nd Kati Dawson (Claremont), 3rd Jett Woods (Westside)



6th grade: 1st McKenna Mitchell (Claremore Christian), 2nd Emily Ferrel (WRJH), 3rd Brooklyn Woods (Claremore Christian)



Your school-wide winners and participants in the City-Wide Spelling Bee are:

Catalayah Elementary

photo2nd grade:  Emily Evans and Rhianna Tripp

3rd grade:  Ryne Vance and Rylee Yewell

4th grade:   Alex Henning and Luis Contreras

5th grade:   Katy Grubbs and Gabe Cadenhead

Claremont Elementary

2nd grade: Gabriella Stinson and Desarae Campbell

3rd grade: Mary Jane Hopper and Clara May

4th grade: Jesse Razor and Samantha Huey

5th grade: Kati Dawson and Kobe Bradley
Claremore Christian School
1st grade: Cale Gift
2nd grade: Eli Fouse
3rd grade: Grace Gift and Joshua Fountain
4th grade: Jared Faron and Kennedy Rutherford
5th grade: Carly Stokes and Brooke Dugan
6th grade: Brooklyn Woods and McKenna Mitchell

Roosa Elementary

2nd grade:  JoLeigh White and Mason Erstad

3rd grade:  Coda Morgan and Sara Erickson

4th grade:  Jaxon Woods and Kennedy Nees

5th grade:  Isaiah Ragsdale and Alex Byington

Westside Elementary

2nd grade: Adele Wilson and Brennan Combs

3rd grade: Bella Zherebnenko and Shane Harper

4th grade: Gillian Quellar and Nick James

5th grade: Parker Cole and Jett Woods

Will Rogers Junior High

6th grade: Emily Ferrel and Sarah Willhoite

Congrats, spellers!

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