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I Love Life Hacks

I’m always fascinated when I see interesting “life hacks” on the web. Of course, I forget 99% of them immediately, which is why we are sharing a shorter list today.

To make your phone speakers louder, or to hear your alarm clock better, place your phone inside a glass or a bowl. (Just don’t smack the glass when turning off your alarm. Although a bloody hand would probably make you get out of bed better than a loud alarm clock.)


This is brilliant. I’ve tried the “hang your wrinkled clothes in the bathroom while you take a shower” trick, and it never works. Maybe my shower doesn’t get hot enough. I prefer not to boil my skin, though, so this is a great alternative. life-hacks6

I’m a pretty good egg separator, but this is interesting. Although the chances of having a clean, empty plastic bottle handy at that exact moment are pretty rare. It looks fun, though!


Okay, this one I’ve tried. And I ended up with a burnt, blackened spoon. A Cajun spoon, if you will. What did I do wrong? Anyone? life-hacks4

Duct tape…it fixes everything.



While we’re on the subject of microwaving…life-hacks12

Anybody got any great life hacks to share?

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