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End of Season Sanity

crystalWhile everyone is bracing for bracketology, there are those of us that are holding on to the last of our sanity. We are the wives of basketball refs. I have a great husband whom I love and we work as a great team but as I stare March 1st in the eye, I have to dig deep down in my strength bucket. We in the south call it “hunkering down”. Some of us crazies long for our husbands to be home and yet we cheer the loudest for added games -especially during the post season. A good post season makes the sacrifice of the regular season somehow easier. Post seasons are like awards for refs. It means you did a “job well done”.

So I will leave you with this as the end of the season draws even closer. If you hear of a mom of young kids who is missing half of her hair, has an eye twitch and has just simultaneously robbed a Russell Stovers store and a 5 Hour Energy truck, I might know who she is.
You might want to share this and pray for our mental stability.

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