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Olivia Kay – 10-year-old from Edmond, Oklahoma, Singing Adele

[cvm_video id=”13508″ volume=”30″ width=”640″ aspect_ratio=”16×9″ autoplay=”1″]

View More  at Olivia’s Youtube Channel

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  1. She shouldn’t. Why set her up for that at this age? She’s talented, but not that talented yet. She needs to learn to sing the low parts with her singing voice., instead of her talking voice, she could also learn to enunciate and pay more attention to all the notes not just the ones she can belt out. And if you think I’m tough on her, they will be brutal. Keep working on it, you’ll get there!

  2. you are right. she has a great voice and talent but some words need to be enunciated better. 🙂 She also has enough on her plate, lets not add to it.

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