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Claremore Driveway: BMW X5


bmwThe X5 is a $60k car that in no way says,  “Look at me!”  She just quietly goes about her business doing everything right.  The Turbocharged inline six cylinder engine gets 300 hp and 300 pounds of torque AT IDLE!

Yet the all around mileage on our car tested at 22.6 mpg. That’s better than a whole lot of much smaller cars we’ve tested, and there’s just no comparing the power.

The one we’re driving here is a 2013 model, has a HUGE panoramic roof and the most detailed navigation mapping I’ve ever seen. Adaptive headlights are a favorite of mine along with those cool little BMW rings around the lights.

I got an extremely good deal on this car and priced it accordingly. I’m thinking we’re scaring people by pricing it so low.  Maybe we should raise it.

My name is Robby Melton. I’m old enough to qualify for a “senior coke” at McDonalds and don’t have to work anymore, but find myself here on the lot most days because that’s where the cars are. That advertising slogan,  “We sell cars for fun,” is not far off-base for my brother and me.


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