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moreClaremore: bigger and better

Y’all are probably familiar with that crazy viral Post-It notes story that we had last month. It made the site crash repeatedly, and everyone was telling us about the Error 503 messages that they kept seeing. That came on the heels of another couple of viral stories that happened in December. That told us something: people were reading the site, and our servers couldn’t keep up.

We were afraid that everyone would get tired of those annoying messages and figure that moreClaremore obviously wasn’t keeping up, so why bother coming back to the site. Thank goodness, we were wrong. Patience is what we didn’t deserve from all of you, but it’s what we got.

Last Friday, you may have noticed that we posted a ton of stories on our Facebook wall. Some of them you’d already seen. You were possibly getting sick of seeing our stuff over and over.

But there was a reason. A very good one.

sponsorshipsWe have a new site. A beautiful, bigger, better site. It has a fresh, clean look that’s easier to see and easier to navigate. It’s brighter.  (This is great for our sponsors: your logos show up brilliantly now!) It’s simply lovely. And did I mention bigger? We hope to have solved the issue with those pesky error messages. The Big Change happened on Friday night, so we were frantically trying to ensure that everything got moved over to the new site so we didn’t lose anything. And then there was a problem with the Facebook postings, so we had to do some testing, hence the barrage of Facebook posts on Friday afternoon.

But we did it. Things are all good now.

The tabs at the top are fewer, so it’s a bit more streamlined. Everything is categorized neatly. Need movie tickets? Need RSU TV info? Want to browse some sweet videos? All can be found under Entertainment. Wondering about fashion, or health & fitness? All of that is now listed neatly under Lifestyles. Take a few minutes and browse around. We hope all of you love it as much as we do.

homepageThank you for your patience. And thanks to all of you for your support. We love you, Claremore!


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