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Bennett’s Route 66- Wow! Shopping local AND saving money!

bennett's Route 66 pharmacy

Jared Bennett of Bennett’s Route 66 Pharmacy has been a lifesaver for our family.  Jared just recently opened a new pharmacy in town, and since I grew up with him playing across the street from me we decided to make the switch from our box store pharmacy.  I had no idea what a huge impact it would make on our lives.

Recently a compound drug has been found to help with flare-ups for Zip’s FOP.  I called and spoke with him about it.  Jared isn’t a compound pharmacy, but went out of his way to help me.  He called around and got it at less than half price for me from a pharmaceutical cohort of his.  Wow!  Shopping local and saving money.

On top of the compound drug help he has been able to reduce our monthly prescription meds by half.  This will save our family over $1,000 per year!

I wanted to switch pharmacy’s to support local business, but have gotten so much more.  Bennett’s whole staff has been amazing! They are current on technology and customer service is top notch.

To top it off, the kids get a lollipop treat when we visit him.  Couldn’t really ask for more!

Jared is the reason for moreClaremore.com.  People like him and businesses like his make me proud to live in this community and help bring MORE to the people of Claremore.

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