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My Kitty

IMG_5276I have a cat. Lots of people have cats. But they don’t have my cat. My cat will go into an open room and get locked in when someone shuts the door. It’s annoying, I know, and some people’s cats do it too, but that’s not all of my cat’s annoying habits. She won’t eat out of her food bowl when it’s full unless I add a new fresh layer to it. She lies on my face when I’m reading. She also claws my lip when I’m reading… or sleeping… or sitting. She’s messed up, but we (cough cough) I love her. She meows uncontrollably in the morning. You know, that time when you’re trying to decide if you should get up and get ready for whatever you are doing that day, or just lie there for no reason or purpose with your eyes open trying to brave the freezing cold of the arctic room. It makes me want to just throw her across the room and scream, “Be quiet! I’m trying to wake up!” but since I love her, I just shove her ever so gently off the bed or if I’m already up, I’ll shove her a little less ever so gently to the side with my foot, as she walks so slowly right in front of me while I try to carry my sax, backpack, and guard flag down the stairs without ending up on my face. She also scratches the back door when she’s outside, oh-so-courteously reminding us that she’s outside, she wants in, and-you-had-better-do-it-in-the-next-5-seconds-or-I’m-going-to-claw-your-face-off. Ain’t she just a little ‘ol sweetheart? Now that I’ve told you about her, 50 bucks anyone? Really, she’s so easy to take care of, you just need to feed her every 30 seconds, pet her (preferably without getting clawed), and let her outside. Jk. I wouldn’t trade her for anything. I love her to death, she’s fuzzy and warm and a great cuddler. Now, even though I made her sound pretty messed up (just for the record, she is) you can’t judge her only by her annoying parts, you have to judge the whole picture, and the whole picture is my loving, caring, little ‘ol sweetheart, Bittsy. I accept her and love her for who she is, especially her faults. She does the same to me, or so i hope. She is part of my family, and that is what family is supposed to do. Right?

The End
P.S. She also loves to sit on tables and spill unsuspecting cups full of water as she tries to fit her quite large face down in the not quite so large cup.
Now it’s the end.
Oh, and I would love to hear about your pets and their faults.
NOW its the end. Hopefully…

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