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Signs of change in the air…

CityofClaremore.web-2As some have undoubtedly noticed, signs of change are in the air for the Claremore Expo sign in front of Pizza Hut. There have been trucks buzzing around and paint flying this past week as a long overdue facelift is in the works for the city announcement sign.

Adventure Signs, just a few hundred feet away from the sign, has partnered with the City of Claremore in their new CityPartner program to bring handsome city signage paired with up-to-date digital message centers to Claremore.

“…To manage projects like this can require substantial financial and staffing commitments that make them a hindering point for a lot of small to medium sized city governments. That is where we come in. Adventure Signs is passionate about partnering with people to provide creative, and effective signage. In fact, our entire team is built around it. We’re looking to invest where there is a need, to partner with people to help them succeed…that, and we hate ugly signs, no offense.” -Adventure Signs

CityofClaremore.web-3The brand new sign update is slated to be finished by the weekend. It will feature local businesses looking to promote their hometown image, and city-wide announcements on brand-new full color digital signage.

If you are interested in featuring your local business, please feel free to contact Adventure for ideas and all the dirty details, 918.344.7015, info@signsbyadventure.com

Follow Adventure for updates on the sign on the interwebs as @Adventure_Signs, or get to know them online. http://signsbyadventure.com

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