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moreClaremore is all that…and a bag of chips

When moreClaremore was launched this past July, it was a small endeavor dreamed up by brother and sister team Robert Melton and Amy Gordon. (Read the “why” of moreClaremore here.) After a few months, it got a little bigger, and part-time intern Anthony Wolfe wasn’t enough to handle the load. In October, I was hired as MCM’s first full-time employee. Things have gotten a little bigger since then.

This past Tuesday, we offered a free internet workshop for small businesses. We didn’t know if anyone would show up or not. We needn’t have worried; we were beyond max capacity for the room, at 20 attendees. There was a tremendously positive response from the group, so much so, that we are going to offer a second, more in-depth class. In addition, we have a waiting list of folks for another introductory class, because we had to turn away so many this time. (If you want to be on that list, hit me up. Soon.)

We’ve experienced such an outpouring of support from the community, and we couldn’t be more grateful and excited at the possibility what moreClaremore will be.

Robert and Amy monitor our daily analytics, just to see if people are still visiting the site. It’s been solid, with a pretty steady daily increase. And then….yesterday happened. It started with a story about Post-Its that we stumbled across online and decided to share with our readers.

First it was this:


We thought, “Wow, that is really cool!”

And then this:


Then it was, “Oh, my…is something wrong?”

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 9.46.15 AM 2But it wasn’t. We added a newer, larger server yesterday so people wouldn’t see that pesky error message anymore. And then this morning, that one was already too small. So we upgraded again, about an hour ago.

What did we see this morning?


That is the number of people that were on the site, right that minute. Eighteen thousand. (And one.) All at once. That’s larger than the population of Claremore.

I could bore you all day with a zillion photos of the analytics over the past 24 hours, but I won’t. But THIS is the one that matters, as of this morning:


This was in the past 24 hours. Yes. In one day.

People from all over the country are sharing the link that little moreClaremore posted. Isn’t that wild?

For those who don’t know, we recently started selling sponsorships on the site. Do you want to have lots of eyeballs at a really, really, really reasonable price? This is how you do it, folks. Robert and Amy’s “small” idea from last year is a big fat reality now.

moreClaremore is here to stay, y’all. Thank you for helping us make it happen.IMG_5744

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