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Stay-at-home Dad Leaves Post-Its for his Wife

We found this GREAT heartwarming story originally posted by Chris Illuminati, see all pics at http://www.amessagewithabottle.com

On May 19th, 2010, Chris Illuminati quit his job to be a stay-at-home father for his newly born son. When beginning his endeavor, Chris stated "As a reminder of everything going on with my writing, I leave Post-It Notes around my office as reminders. I decided to incorporate those same organizational principles while watching my son."</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> <p>The post-its left for his permanent roommate (his wife) comically capture the day to day endeavors of raising a child.</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> <p>Check out more of Chris' post its on his blog http://messagewithabottle.tumblr.com/

The Post-Its left for his permanent roommate (his wife) comically capture the day to day endeavors of raising a child.

Check out more of Chris’ Post-Its on his blog http://www.amessagewithabottle.com

stay at home post its 19 Stay at home dad leaves post its for his wife (20 Photos)

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  1. Love it!! Dads can be the one to take care of the Children…I just wish my Ex-Husband of 30 yrs was a special Father as Clare’s husband is to their children.. She and their Children are truly blessed…

  2. Had me in tears I laughed so hard! Mirror of my life when my daughter was growing up. I miss the days of watching Rugrats and Blues Clues! Still find myself secretly watching them now and again when I happen to find a repeat episode. Sure do miss those days. The good ones and the ones that truly tries every bit of patience you have! 🙂

  3. I don’t know WHO you are–I just found you via Facebook. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are absolutely FREAKIN’ hilarious. The IKEA comment…SPOT ON!!!!!

    And the Percy-Pussy COMMENT?!?! My now 10 year old boy was ALLLLLLLL about Thomas the Train when he was two–and he would run through our local mall as we walked to the then-in business Thomas Store, yelling at the TOP of his lungs….”PUSSY PUSSY PUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSY!!!!”

    Yeah…the joys of fatherhood. You are AWESOME!!! Keep this coming dude!!!

  4. Goodness gracious this is such a good piece. Geniouses like this man are the people that should have kids because they can teach them how to become genuine people like this father when they grow up. This is great, this is real life in it’s finest.

  5. Needed that laugh ! Very well done! Good job Dad. It is that kind of job ! You think you’ve seen it all and WOW ! Something else to share !

  6. You really made me laugh! This is a “real” father that knows what he is talking about! Keep your sticky notes for a book. So much better than the “other” books for first time parents.

  7. @Tommy G, Guys have great penmanship, my brothers writing skills are beautiful, now my lil’ sis writing was something else but was funny as heck, I miss her notes!

  8. My husband has handwriting that nice. But.. Keep in mind some post it’s say. Me: so who’s that supposed to be? Him writing as his wife? Regardless these post its are great and pertain to either stay at home parent. Even if it’s BS

  9. You just doing a wonderful job with your boy with commitment & a fascinating sense if humor. I wish all parents look at it the way you look at it. You are ingenious & a good person. That boy & wife are lucky!!!!

  10. I loved this! It was funny and realistic, and knowing that it was a DAD behind the comments and doing the work a woman usually does, made it so much more enjoyable! lol. I hope you keep writing and encourage more men to take pride in being a stay at home parent.

  11. this is priceless!! I remember when my hubby and I first got together and he lost his job so I got one while he stayed home with my daughter from a previous relationship, I came home the first day after work and he had “Mr. Mom” blaring and he walks up to me and says “I don’t know how you do it but I respect you so much more” lol. dads are surely the greatest (at least the ones that are there for the kids)

    big thumbs up for this dad!

  12. I love this stay at home Dad! All your comments are so true, you really should write a book with these post it note messages on it!

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