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Meet Danny Cahill!

dannycahillI’m goofy, I know. Being starstruck is silly. But….. I am a huge fan of the show The Biggest Loser, so getting to have lunch with Danny Cahill, the season 8 winner and title holder for most weight ever lost on the show, was super cool for me. What’s even better, is that Danny is going to be a regular contributor to moreClaremore.com!

We met this past week and had lunch at the Hammett House. (No, he didn’t eat the chicken fried chicken or order pie…we were all wondering what he would order!) Danny is nicer than nice and we are so happy to have him on board.

What will he blog about? Whatever is on his mind for the week, and I’m sure some exercise and healthy eating tips. He lives right here in Green Country in our neighboring Broken Arrow, so he knows how the portions are at the restaurants we go to regularly.

Lose Your Quit is Danny’s new book and he is preparing a program called Simply Lose It that is being sold on his website thedannycahill.com and will soon launch on QVC. I’m sure we will be hearing about this wonderful program and the steps he takes to stay healthy. He also has a book, Losing Big: The Incredible Untold Story of Danny & Darci Cahill, which can also be purchased on his website. All of this and more is available for purchase on thedannycahill.com. I’m so stinking excited to see where the partnership with moreClaremore.com and Danny Cahill will go.IMG_4027

Follow Danny on facebook to keep up with his adventures!


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