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Top 3 Fashion Sites to See

Fashion-NewsNow that you are following some cool sites on Twitter, add to your daily fashion news fix by subscribing to these fashion sites newsletters:

1. Refinery29….great tips and articles on fashion and beauty, my favorite from them this past week was “15 Makeup Buys NO Woman Should Go Without”.

2. Outfitposts…the BEST daily email I get and the FIRST one I check in the morning before getting dressed. Check it out and you will see why I am hooked on this site.

3. InStyle.com….I love them for EVERYTHING. Their latest article was “Is Camel the NEW BLACK?”

Don’t forget, beauties, that knowledge is power. If you are feeling discouraged or afraid to try a new look or makeup trend, keep your eyes on these sites for NO-FAIL looks and sound advice. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll find yourself branching out!

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Liz Chandler
Avon Makeup Maven


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