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Full Feather Photography: Claremore Museum of History unveils the Lynn Riggs Exhibit

The completion of the Lynn Riggs Exhibit at the Claremore Museum of History is certainly at the top of my list for outstanding moments of 2013.

I believe Mr. Riggs would be quite proud of the latest developments at the museum. In a recent letter to the community, Chairman Tom Pool, explained that the primary goal of the Museum, “is to preserve and showcase the treasured memories of yesteryear, recognize the achievements of today, educate our adults and students about the community history, and stimulate community involvement in the promise of tomorrow.”

Last summer, I was offered the opportunity to submit some of my photographs to the Museum’s Exhibit Committee, to vote for a backdrop image that would be used in the Lynn Riggs Exhibit. I could not have been more ecstatic to toss my camera bag in my car and head out scouting the hills of Rogers County!
I compiled over 30 images of various landscapes and scenes, but after much deliberation, we chose the following as our backdrop:
This photo was taken off of a rural road between Bushyhead and Chelsea, just West of the Historic Route 66 Highway. It also happens to be my favorite image from all of the ones I submitted.  Please visit my website if you would like to see more of my work. I am hoping to upload a gallery of all of the images I took for this project soon.
After we voted on the backdrop image, it was time to start on the construction of the exhibit. I was so honored to have an opportunity to work with Richard Carver and his incredible staff over at Little Mountain Productions. He invited us to tour his facility in September to see the progress of the exhibit.

The photo above shows the construction of the exhibit’s cases.

I was pleased to meet this “project supervisor.”
On September 20th, I dropped by the museum to find the exhibit coming to life!

I’m glad I arrived when I did, because these fellas worked so fast! If you are in need of professional set and stage design, you should give them a call! Click here to find them on Facebook.

“Richard Carver has a background of over 30 years experience as a senior art director. Richard started his career in 1975 working with national corporations and advertising agencies as a print designer and illustrator. Over the years Richard has acquired over 200 national, regional and local awards for his numerous projects. As a Production Designer and Art Director Richard has worked on over 500 national, regional and local television spots and corporate films providing set design, special effects and the creation of props. When he’s not on the set, he designs interiors for churches and businesses. With a creative mind and a knack for creating cost-saving beautiful spaces, he can help you achieve your goals.”

And now on to the star of the show…

 In early October, the centerpiece of the exhibit ~ the surrey with the fringe on top ~ was delivered.

Left to right: Cindy Tanner, Barbara Stafira, Richard Carver of Little Mountain Productions, Cindy Burrows, Museum Chairman Tom Pool, & myself, Tara Cope, Owner of Full Feather Photography.
If you would like to learn more about the Claremore Museum of History, please visit their website or Facebook page. We encourage you to make a donation to this outstanding museum.
“By aiding in this project, you will be proud to say that you had a part in bringing our history alive to everyone that steps through the doors.”


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