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Claremore Driveway: 2014 Jeep Cherokee Limited

photoOkay, so let’s see, one, two, three, four, five, six. Seven slots in the grille. One for each continent. Yep, it’s a Jeep all right.

But boy, have Jeeps changed. I had an opportunity this week to drive all the new 2014  Jeep models. Some were Jeepier than others. All were designed to keep going in bad weather and some were designed to absolutely climb a tree!

This new Cherokee in the Limited trim was my favorite of the group. It had a nice ride, was extremely quiet and the nine speed gearbox shifted properly and didn’t “fish for gears” like we see some of the new cars doing. The leather seats were the good stuff, buttery soft, and that went for the heated steering wheel as well.

In addition to all the airbags and stuff that gets it a five-star crash rating, I was blown away by the technology of the thing.

photo copyShe has a backup camera that will actually guide you into a parallel parking spot.

It will even park itself if you want, but I’m not quite ready for that yet.

It has cross path detection (radar) that will give you a heads up if anything pops in front of you, and even apply the brakes if it needs to.

The adaptive cruise control can be set to keep you whatever distance you feel safe behind the car in front of you. (My wife’s Jeep has that feature and it’s very fun, but I still keep my foot on the brake just in case.)

It’s not unusual to see these SUVs and crossovers doing $50k. A Jeep with this kind of stuff selling in the low $30k range should do just fine.

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