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Claremore Driveway – 2014 Cherokee Trailhawk

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You sure this is a Jeep? Doesn’t look like the old Jeeps. But yeah, it’s got the seven slots in the grille, one for each continent, and Jeep has that trademarked.  Of all the new Jeeps coming out this year, the Trailhawk has been the most anticipated. Everyone doubted that the folks at Jeep could build a product with a modern look and car-like ride, without giving up the capability, or what I call “Jeepiness.”  My brother and I drove his brand new Trailhawk to Clanton’s in Vinita yesterday in search of the perfect chicken fried steak. The smooth, quiet, ride centered on that new ZF nine speed transmission was everything we’d hoped for.

But more importantly, this was all on a vehicle that Jeep “Trail Rated.  That means this puppy is designed to go anywhere a Wrangler goes. It has two modes of operation, one with a locking axle. It’s got the center clearance. It’s got the right angles of attack front and back. In short, it will climb a tree and get you 21 CITY miles per gallon, close to double previous vehicles with the same capability.

It was fun to drive and fun to catch all the “looks” we were getting as we drove down the street. This is gonna be a good year for Jeep.

If you’ve got a couple of minutes, click and watch some footage of this thing in action.


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