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Band Boosters Partner with Melton Sales to Raise $$$

539140_10151948254255879_168314780_nExtracurricular activities are a valuable part of the high school experience, enriching the lives of students and their communities. Yet, schools are often short of funds for enrichment programs. Parents are frequently asked to reach into their own pockets for equipment, uniforms, travel expenses and more. Remember the moreClaremore.com story about the high school band and how they aren’t really funded by the school?

Dodge and its dealers are committed to the communities where they do business, and Dodge supports organizations that work to benefit students. Since 1993, Chrysler Group LLC has helped raise millions for elementary schools across the country through the Company’s popular Drive for the Kids program. Catalayah was a recent participant in this, and Melton Sales presented them with a check for $2370. Since 1996, Dodge Booster Club Fundraisers have provided support for student enrichment at the high school level and showcased a new generation of Dodge.

The Dodge Booster Club Fundraiser is an exciting opportunity that can result in big cash rewards. During the event, participants earn $20 to support an extra curricular program by taking a brief test drive in a new Dodge. All licensed drivers, age 18 or older, are eligible. The whole community can participate.

In September, the Claremore Band Boosters Association hosted a Dodge event. They provided free hot dogs, chips and drinks, and folks were able to watch the marching band rehearse while they waited their turn for a test drive. It was a friendly and fun event with no sales pressure. Busy parents appreciated the chance to check out the latest automotive innovations and talk about cars with knowledgeable representatives from Melton Sales. The colorful Dodge tent, parade of new vehicles, and driving activity add excitement to any school event, wouldn’t you say? Not to mention free food and music!

meltonMelton Sales presented the check from Dodge to the Claremore Band Boosters Association at the holiday concert this past Monday, in the amount of $5000. The funds were used to purchase a desperately needed state-of-the-art sound system for use during marching band and jazz band performances. The CBBA is grateful to Dodge and Melton Sales for the opportunity and sponsorship of the event!

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