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Claremore Driveway: 2013 Volvo XC70 Cross Country AWD

volvoWhen snow comes to Oklahoma, Meltons begin to look for cars on the lot that not only meet the big three requirements: 1. Do we have keys?  2. Does it have a tag? 3. And does it have gas?  but also a fourth requirement:  4. Does it have 4-wheel drive?  (We live on the side of a hill.)

Of course, we’ll always drive Jeeps, but the other car that came first available was the Volvo XC70. I got started on these years ago because I’ve got a bad back and the seats are awesome. This is a car that does everything well.

The little wrinkles and soft feel of the Napa leather on seating and control surfaces let you know right away you are playing in the big leagues.  The video screens in the back of the headrests keep the grandkids happy.

Of all the myriad of safety innovations on this car, my favorite is the BLIS Blind Spot monitor (radar) that alerts you to a car beside you, either left or right.

There is a good balance of power and fuel economy, and since these cars are designed for climates with lots of ice and snow, she climbs the hill real good.

Oh, and did I mention the awesome Volvo seats?IMG_2937

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