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Thank You from MCM!

Several Claremore folks took time out of their busy schedules today to have lunch with the MoreClaremore.com crew at the RSU Innovation Center. We had a feast from The Pink House of Claremore (I’m beginning to think a lot of people ate before they came; we had a lot left over! Baked fudge for dinner tonight!) and we had a fantastic turnout.

The basis of the meeting was to thank everyone for their support and contributions to our company thus far. We are so humbled and blessed at the outpouring of encouragement that everyone has shown to our team and this endeavor.

IMG_3540Amy Gordon gave an overview of our project and all that we have achieved, including our incredible numbers of web views and Facebook likes. (More than 7200! Yeah!) I gave a quick lesson on how to submit stories to the site. If you’re unsure and have something to submit, please contact us and we’re happy to help. Robert Melton gave a talk on the launch of our brand-new sponsorships, which are available to any business or organization starting at just $49 per month. (For more info on this, check moreclaremore.com and click on Sponsorship Opportunities.)

The group heard from Joshua Stokes of GameView TV, which supplies the community with broadcasts of local sporting events. Our on-air talent, Anthony Wolfe, was introduced‚Ķ.you can see him weekly during his Weekend Update broadcast! Watch Anthony and me during the Claremore Christmas Parade; we’ll be there shooting footage for our website. Come by and say ‘hi’ next to the Christmas tree at NeMar Center.

moreClaremore StaffThank you to everyone who joined us for lunch today. Happy holidays from MoreClaremore!

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