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Let it Snow…Ice Cream?

Snow Ice cream

The local meteorologists are spouting winter gloom and ice storm doom for the next few days in our little corner of Green Country. We all know from the past (and because we live here) that no matter what is predicted, that’s never what happens. But still, it’s best to be prepared when the snow starts to fall. Which is why I’m going to save you some trouble and bring you this now: RECIPES FOR SNOW ICE CREAM! (Because if you lose power, you don’t want to waste juice on your phone Googling the recipe. Just do the smart thing and print this now.)

When it starts to snow, place a large, clean bowl outside to collect the flakes. When full (about one gallon), stir in 1 cup sugar and 1 tablespoon vanilla extract to taste, then stir in just enough milk* for the desired consistency. Serve at once.

If you’ve gone to the store to prepare for the insane amounts of snow that are going to fall, you can make this recipe instead (unless you’re pregnant, young or old, because there are raw eggs in this one):

Collect one gallon of snow in a bowl. Combine 2 beaten eggs, 1 (12 oz) can of evaporated milk, 1.5 teaspoons vanilla extract, and 3/4 cup white sugar. Stir it up and chow it down.

For chocolate snow ice cream, gather up that gallon of clean snow. In a separate bowl, whisk together 2 cups milk, 1 cup confectioners’ sugar, 1 tablespoon vanilla extract, 1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder, and 1 teaspoon powdered instant coffee until the sugar has dissolved and the mixture is smooth. Pour the chocolate mixture over the snow and stir together. Chocolatey goodness.

If you don’t have all of the fancy ingredients for chocolate, you can add chocolate milk instead of white for a simpler version. Another idea is to make a float, adding a cup of your favorite soda. (I mean, “pop.”)

For an adult variation, try substituting rum for the vanilla and sprinkle in some coconut. (Unless you’re like me, and don’t care for coconut. Then just use the rum. Brandy works, too.)

I hope this helps. Happy eating.

*Almond milk is supposedly delicious in snow ice cream, as well.

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