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Bring it to the Blue Box


Pictured: Hope Harbor driver Mike Bejarano and donor Janie Brooks

As we head into the holidays, we will begin making room for ‘new stuff’. Our closets (and waistlines) will soon be expanding. Our children will be given clothes, toys and gifts. Moms will begin rearranging bedrooms and emptying toy boxes to make room for it all. Dads will build shelves and racks to store and organize excess items.

You’ve probably seen the clothing collection bins in various parking lots. Some are red, some white, some blue. There are even green ones out there. They are quite convenient to drop off old items, specifically clothes and shoes. For the most part, these all go to great causes.

But did you know that only the blue boxes represent a local cause? A non-profit located just north of Claremore, Hope Harbor, receives direct benefit from items dropped at the blue boxes. Hope Harbor is a children’s home and academy for at-risk youth. The program provides family style care, counseling, education, and associated services for children and families – even including parent training in area prisons.

So what happens to your stuff after you put it in the blue box? The majority of donations made to the blue boxes go to Thrift Harbor – a local thrift shop, located in downtown Claremore.  Thrift Harbor allows local families to buy affordable clothing, furniture, home décor and so much more. Excess items and items not ripe for resale are sold to clothing recyclers, which then provide payment to Hope Harbor.

This income for the local non-profit has been a game changer. During the recent downturn in the economy, Hope Harbor experienced significant budget shortfalls – all at a time when domestic issues including child neglect and abuse were on the rise. Thrift Harbor has been able to turn this around and ensure children and families continue to receive these invaluable services throughout Oklahoma. All thanks to your donations of unwanted items!

So when you’re cleaning out your stuff this season – book it, bring it or bus it to the blue box! The children and families throughout Oklahoma will be very thankful you did!

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