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Thankful? Absolutely.


Thanksgiving Day is a time to relax and enjoy and be Thankful. A “time out” for all of us, really. Now that schedules are more complicated and retailers are pushing back Black Friday opening hours, the “time out” may have been shortened a little. Nonetheless, it’s a holiday to stop and appreciate the good in our lives.

What are you Thankful for? The list is aplenty for me, for sure. I am sure if anyone stops and thinks about it for just a few minutes, they will find a laundry list of things, just as I did.

Stopping and finding the things to be Thankful for is a lot of what moreClaremore.com is about. We can easily run off a list of things about our community that need improvement, but there is good all around. moreClaremore.com is dedicated to reminding you daily of the things to be Thankful for in our community.

Please help us by contributing what you are Thankful for in our community. Not just today, but in the days ahead. The website is intended to be community journalism. Use your voice.

Email us: info@moreclaremore.com

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