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Not Our Boat!


One of our most colorful characters at Melton Pontiac all those years was the shop foreman, J.M. (Mike) Ryan.

As my uncle (Jess Barcus) tells it, he and Ryan had headed over to Grand River to go fishing one evening after work. They went to the river bridge on Highway 33, where there was a bait shop, rented a flat bottom boat, then rowed out into the river to fish.

After a while, Jess looked down and noticed water around his feet. He said “Ryan, this boat’s leakin’”.

Ryan said not a word but just kept intently watching his line for a bite.

A little while later, Jess noticed the water was over his feet and they were in the middle of Grand River. “Ryan, this boat’s sinkin’”.

Ryan flicked ashes off his cigarette, and gently played with his line still hoping for a bite, and Ryan finally said, “What do we care? It’s not our boat!”

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