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Claremore Driveway: Volvo S60 T5


When any of the Melton family needs to go somewhere, they have basically three tests for which car to drive: 1. Do I have the keys? 2. Does it have a tag? 3. Does it have gas?

It was in such a situation yesterday, needing to get to my grandson’s school on time for pickup, that I ended up in a five-year-old Volvo S60.

After I got through town and got the cruise set on the turnpike, I had this strange déjà vu feeling like I’d been there before. Actually, I probably had been, because we sold this car about five years ago. I was able, in those days, to travel to Riverside, California (L.A) and pick these S60’s up at huge discounts. For a while I think we sold more Volvos than the Volvo dealers sold. (That party ended when the California economy picked back up.)

The amazing thing is, this five-year-old car drives just the same way it drove five years ago. Completely tight (no rattles), a little turbo whistle, tracking 27 mpg at 75mph (does better if you slow down a little).

The fact that these things are built like tanks helps them last that million miles like they advertise.

There are a couple of things going on here: safety and reliability. I hope the picture shows how thick the doors are. Look at this, and then look at a Camry for the same price and you tell me which one you want your wife and kids in.

The other is reliability. These cars are sold in northern Europe where temperatures routinely get to -40 degrees. A motor stall in that situation could be life threatening. That’s one reason they’ve kept the little T5 engine all these years. The things are bullet proof.

And the seats. The seats! Holy cow, they feel good!

Ooops, sounding like a salesman again, gotta go.

Oh, and did I mention the Volvo seats?

My name is Robby Melton and I am a car nut. The best thing about my job at Melton Sales is I get to drive a different hot car home every night .


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