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Claremore Driveway: Mercedes-Benz C Class

Melton Gallery Mercedes C 300

I got some fancy new software for my computer the other day that allows me to data mine a little more and sort stuff differently.

What I found was that in our luxury passenger car segment, of course the Chrysler 300C was our best seller, but surprisingly, outside the Chrysler line, our best selling sedan this year has been the Mercedes Benz C Class.

We have connections with one of the nation’s largest Mercedes distributors, so we are able to buy the quality stuff straight off Mercedes lease for pure wholesale. We always have these cars coming in and going out.

Turns out those Mercedes dealers make a lot of money, but we just sell them at the same profit margin we use on Dodges and they seem to come out a good deal cheaper.

The best part, though, is that we get to pick the coolest cars of the bunch, particularly the AMG Sportline cars. Those AMG cars have a sportier front end with different ground effects and a spoiler.

We can do those in both C300 and C250 while keeping the price in the mid-twenties, right about the price you might pay for a new Ford or Chevy.

I’m just sayin’.

My name is Robby and I’m a car nut. The best thing about my job at Melton Sales is I get to drive a different hot car home every night .


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