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I’ve been interested in these little Jukes since they came out, but until now I hadn’t found one that met my rigorous pricing parameters (cheap).

It’s a car so striking that it always makes you turn and look. This particular Juke is Atomic Gold. I think Nissan pulled off  the look Pontiac was trying for with their Aztec. Unfortunately, in the Aztec’s case, the plan went somehow terribly wrong and she looks like one car had been mashed on top of another one (gentlest way I can put it).

Fueleconomy.gov rates her at 31 mph highway, which isn’t all that unusual nowadays but the 25 city and 27 combined is a very good all around number.

While there is a little room behind the back seat and that seat folds down, you’re going to have to make a choice when going to the airport whether to leave the kids or the luggage at home because there’s not room for both.

Since most people don’t use the trunk all that much and rear seat passengers happen more often, Nissan has put the room in the back seat with quite surprising legroom.

Just better call the airport shuttle.

Editor’s note:

My name is Robby and I am a car nut. A cool thing about my job is I  every night I get to drive home a different hot car of my choice off the Melton lot.

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