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Claremore Driveway – BMW 535i

BMW 525i Melton Preowned

My name is Robby Melton and I’m a car nut.  One of the best parts of my job is I get to pick any car off the lot to drive home at night. This was last night’s ride.

The only thing separating most folks from a Five Series BMW is just the $60,000.  Occasionally though, you’ll find one about five years old that sells for roughly a third of that. This is she.

BLOOOM BLOOOM! From the minute you open the door, you hear those unmistakable patented BMW chimes reminding you that you have arrived at the automotive promised land. Lots of times when car lovers see the five on the back of a big Beemer, they go kinda hazy, but the other numbers matter too.  The 35i mean3.5 litre fuel injection and if you are more of a car buff, that tells you about that straight line 6 cylinder there with not just one, but two, turbochargers. This is not a particularly big or high horsepower engine for this price class of car and the 300 ft. lb of torque is not unusual, UNTIL you see that she reaches her peak torque at 1800rpm  AT IDLE! You press down hard and HONEY, I’M HOME!  Getting on the freeway, be careful because if you stamp her, you’re likely to end up about three car lengths ahead of where you were aiming. And it gets great gas mileage and is so smooth!  Whoops, I was starting to sound like a car salesman.

Better stop.


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