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CX-9 Melton Gallery

We’ve bought and sold quite a few CX9’s this year but I really hadn’t driven one much.  This was our first 2013 model and almost new(13k mi) so I decided to give it a round.

I make the quick run to Tulsa with a different car almost every day, so I really feel the differences

The CX9 is about as good an all around pkg as we can find in the AWD 7 passenger segment.  The Touring models have a very nice,soft leather interior.   It is a cut above Escape, Edge, Equinox and Captiva, but not quite up to the Grand Cherokee  BMW or Mercedes level.

One thing I really really like about the car is the standard equipment Blind Spot monitoring.  RADAR!  If another vehicle is anywhere beside you (possibly in a blind spot) the mirror lights up to give you a warning that you have company.  If you do something really stupid (yes I have) like turning on a signal toward a car beside you the car will ding and tell you to wake up and watch that truck over there.

One thing about the Mazda (forget the zoom zoom) is style.  It’s a really good looking ride.

If you come by the Gallery, someone will be glad to check out to you this or any other car you would like to drive.   Somebody will be there to answer your questions but there are no commissioned salesmen, and we  absolutely will let you take the car out by yourself for a nice quiet test drive.

Editor’s note:  My name is Robby and I am a car nut  A cool thing about my job is I  every night I get to drive home a different hot car of my choice off the Melton lot.

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