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Claremore’s Center of the Universe

centerIf you’ve ever wondered where you’d find the center of old town Claremore’s universe, look no further than the corner of Will Rogers Blvd. (formerly 3rd street) and Chickasaw Ave.

Everything east of that intersection has an east street address.

Everything west has a west street address.

Everything north has a north street address, everything south has a south street address.

The north/south streets east of Chickasaw are said to be named for Native American tribes started East of the Mississippi River, and those on the west are named for tribes founded west of the Mississippi, allowing, of course, for the Trail of Tears. (This is true, I couldn’t make it up.) What could be easier? Just start at First Street and count two blocks north for the 100 addresses. Bone up on your tribes and you’ve got it made in Claremore!

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