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Melton Dodge Grand Caravan


Minivans came into the scene in the middle 1980’s and were the go to car for most families.  This, however, means that most kids raised in the eighties in their minds connected Minivans to their mother’s cars and went.   AAAAAAH/ cant do that!!

This brought on a generation of total automotive dysfunction where people paid twice the price of minivans  for big honkers that got half the gas mileage.

But yet another generation now is coming that says,” you know, the minivans work.  Having that video back there to hypnotize the kids is a good thing. Having the low floor.

height  makes it easy to get kids, pets, and us in.  It feels good to sit up straight.  It is darned handy that the seats all easily fold into the floor to handle even a 4×8 plywood.

The 25 miles per gallon is nice.”

open upSandy and I are kinda retired and kinda not.  Of course we’re lucky to have all these wonderful cars to drive, but we’ve often said that if we had to narrow it down to one or two cars, we would definitely go with a minivan. We’ve got four grandkids who live here so we get lots of opportunities to be with them, We’ve got trash to haul and dogs to haul and those never ending crates of pansies  from Ted and Debbies.

And as for these new hot minivans.  They ain’t ya mama’s.



Editor’s note:

My name is Robby and I am a car nut  A cool thing about my job is I  every night I get to drive home a different hot car of my choice off the Melton lot.


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