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Melton Claremore Dodge

I just about wrecked one of these puppies a while back using my phone trying to take a picture of the dash instruments.  That happened in my first ride to Tulsa in the new Pentastar V6 with the new   5 speed transmission. . I reset the meter when I got on the turnpike at Claremore  and as I got off at the Peoria exit the total trip showed 36 mpg!  The government  checks it a 30 mpg and that’s smoking good mileage for a decent sized car.

Just like the other Chrysler cars, the new owners of Chrysler (who also own Masserati, Ferrari, and Alpha Romeo, have been making breakneck speed at building value in with lots of quality materials making the touch and feel better.  This car has a buttery calfskin steering wheel that makes you feel good just to sit there.

The really good thing is we are able to pick these up from Chrysler, a few months old, and sell them in the mid teens price range, getting virtually every payment under $275 a month.

Sorry for mentioning price.  I’m not supposed to do that, but it doesn’t hurt to peek when the deal is that good.

Editor’s note:

My name is Robby and I am a car nut  A cool thing about my job is I  every night I get to drive home a different hot car of my choice off the Melton lot.

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