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Okay I’ll just go ahead and say it.  As a rule I don’t like Toyotas. They seem kind of soul less.  They are pretty reliable but so is my refrigerator and it does nothing for me emotionally.

Then along comes this Venza and I decided to stock one.  I’ll have to say this one has some personality and style and hits us at a sweet price point just a little over $20k including the leather.  There’s a lot of competition on our lot in this body and price range.  But I think she can hold her own.

Checked the computer and it shows an AVERAGE of 24mpg.   With my lead foot and a lot of city driving that’s’ pretty good.

The first Venza  I bought sold pretty quickly, so it looks like we’ll be having more.  And reliability in itself is not such a bad thing.

Editor’s note:

My name is Robby and I am a car nut  A cool thing about my job is I  every night I get to drive home a different hot car of my choice off the Melton lot.

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