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mercedes ML


We’ve been driving these ML350’s off and on for a long time.   TheML350 was designed at a time when Mercedes Benz owned Jeep, so these cars were engineered and built of a line beside our Jeep Grand Cherokees, They don’t change styles very often so these kinda run under the radar and don’t stick out.  The reason for that being virtually every other brand has copied the styling.

Style for automobiles (like many other things) often emerge from Europe, usually France or Italy.  Those styles in automobiles are then copied by Americans, later Americans are copied by Japanese, later still the Japanese are copied by Koreans.

These cars are not the “look at me” type ,but have qualities at being competent at virtually everything.

These are not the smoothest, the quietest, the safest, the most economical, the most comfortable, but have the rare quality of being a balance of being very good in all categories.


These are just nice driving, comfortable, smooth, quiet cars that are reasonable powerful, reasonably economical and (with proper service) will last a long, long time.

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