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Nissan Maxima


Just got back from lunch driving a new A Nissan Maxima S.  Took her on my regular road tour and I have to admit she surprised me.  First the seat was actually pretty decent.  So many of the Nissan products (Including Infinity)  have seats that look inviting but when you sit down you just kinda go kerplunk.  This seat was quite nice.  The exterior package was also a nice refresh, particularly the headlights,

Most Nissans anymore have CVT (Continuously variable transmissions).  These  don’t have gears like conventional transmissions, but instead are based on a couplings sliding up a cone.  This method has far fewer moving parts then conventional transmissions.

CVT’s also have advantages in that they can be programmed to keep the engine at either its most economical or its most powerful r.pm  setting depending on the power the driver (through accelerator pedal ) has ordered..  It can also be programmed to run through shift points that feel very much like a conventional transmission.  This car was obviously programmed under acceleration to go to peak power rpm and hold.

Driving along about 30  mph I kicked her in the tail.  She instantly wailed up to 5000 rpm and held right there until I chickened out and backed off. There was lots of wheel spinning even at 30 mph rolling start.  That in itself is unusual but even more so here as this is a front wheel drive car with engine weight right over the drive wheels.  She got a little squirrelly even with the nanny engaged, forcing me to work pretty hard keeping her in the road.  She was a most surprising lunch date.

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