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Claremore Driveway – 2013 GMC Yukon SLT

GMC Yukon

I drive cars most of the time. Not many trucks.

So when I walked up to this Yukon, I’m thinking, “Good gravy, this girl is huge!” I figured that at least if I was to tangle with anything smaller than a semi, I was going to win.

With the back-up camera and the radar beepers to help, I got her unparked without incident.

But when I actually got in and started down the road, she went right where I pointed her.  There was surprisingly little leaning in any direction. On braking, the nose held firm and didn’t dive.

We had a group of kids to take on a trip and this seemed like the ticket. The one I drove was an SLT.  It had leather and alloy wheels and the hatch pulldown, automatic lights, and most of the stuff. I worried it didn’t have seat back video but was informed by my granddaughter that those were so “old” and the kids all have their own “devices” now.  Might as well have an in-dash 8 track.

The leather seats felt like the La-Z-Boy in your living room with heaters, not just in the bottom cushion but in the seat back, too. No massage feature, though.

These Yukons push $50k new, but Melton picked up some 2013 models with teen miles selling in the mid $30’s.

Decisions! Decisions!

My name is Robby and I’m a car nut. The best thing about my job at Melton Sales is I get to drive a different hot car home every night .

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