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Claremore Driveway: 2013 Ford Flex SEL


Even as a kid, I’ve always liked the sleek shape of station wagons going clear back to the fifties with the Chevy Nomad and the Pontiac Safari. Of course, we have a generation of people who can’t even say the word “station wagon,” but this Flex has that same lean low shape. When you actually get in, it has lots of headroom and room clear back to the seven passenger seating.

On a trip a while back, we had ordered a rental minivan in Charleston and they brought  around one of these Flexes to us at the airport. I protested that it certainly wasn’t a minivan but as it turned out the FLEX SEL was all they had available. When we actually got in and going I was surprised that it had room very much like a minivan inside. But it drove more like the Lincoln MK (whatever-I can never remember) and felt like a luxury car.

I was offered a deal on a Flex SEL from my best fleet vendor, so I took it and it sold almost immediately. As always when that happens, I have orders in for more Flexes, but unlike some of the others cars we sell, these are pretty scarce and hard to find. $25k for a $35k 2013 model car? Go figure. This car off our lot is outselling competitors such as Ford Edge, Chevy Equinox, Nissan Xterra/ Pathfinder and GMC Terrain SLT.

My name is Robby Melton. I’m old enough to qualify for a “senior coke” at McDonalds and don’t have to work anymore, but find myself here on the lot most days because that’s where the cars are. That advertising slogan, “We sell cars for fun,” is not far off-base for my brother and me.

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