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Reflection- 9/11

I was never one to reflect until the past few years.  Part of growing up I guess.

9/11 is definitely a day for reflection.  I will never forget that day.  On top of the horrors happening in our country my husband lost his job the day before.  I remember talking to him on the phone that morning.  Waking up trying to feel sorry for yourself wasn’t easy as you watched the events unfold that were much more devastating than losing a job.  It was a day of trying to fit pieces together that somehow didn’t fit.

Reflection comes at times in our life that are pivots of change.  There have been many of those for me and my family.  Whether it be the events of 9/11, the birth of a child, the loss of a loved one, the diagnosis from a Dr. that things are going to be different than you expected for your life… they are all change.

How you approach this “change” has an impact on the further development of your days.  You can pivot into the hatred and dread that is out there, or your can embrace it as a moment to learn from.

Pieces of life don’t always fit together nicely like a puzzle.  I wish they did.  100 pieces and you’ve completed a beautiful picture.  Not always the case.

Sometimes there are pieces of the puzzle that you have no control of.  Sometimes the pieces can be massaged a little bit and moved around until you get just the right fit.

I have always been taught that if there is a problem big or small that you can’t go through, find a way over or around it.  All of us face problems on a daily basis.  Do you stand there looking at it thinking you can’t get through?  If you do, try to figure a way over or around.  Are you smarter than the problem?  I’m pretty sure you are.  Just think outside the box and reflect on what the world has taught you.

– Amy Gordon


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