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"Surrey with the Fringe on top" getting new home

The “Surrey with the Fringe on Top” is being restored by the Museum of Claremore History.

surrey claremore muesum While the museum was undergoing renovation the surrey has been housed at the J.M. Davis Arms and Historical Museum since March of 2011. Thursday it was moved from the museum by volunteers to be restored before it is moved to it’s new permanent home at the Museum of Claremore History later this year. Museum board member, John Cary(left) helps move one of the surrey’s “yeller” wheels as Claude
Jochmans (right) of Chelsea moves part of the chassis. Jochman will be restoring the surrey. The surrey was originally built in 1955 by Twentieth Century Fox Studios for the movie “Oklahoma!”, the film adaptation of the play “green Grow the Lilacs” by Claremore native, Lynn Riggs.



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