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Be the Spark…ignite the difference!

Spark Volunteers is a fun, and productive volunteers organization that connects the students with organizations, and businesses around Rogers County that are in need of volunteers. Spark Volunteers provides the high school to make a difference by volunteering. In 2012, I joined a local organization called Leadership Rogers County. LRC truly broadened my horizon of what Claremore, as well as Rogers County had to offer. As we toured local non-profit organizations, I soon realized that they depend on volunteers for their service. I began to think there had to be some way to connect the students with the community, and that is where Spark Volunteers originated. Giving back to the community is always a great way to appreciate where you live, as well as making some great connections down the road. Last year, Spark Volunteers collectively earned 800 hours as a group. We also joined the Hero Campaign and helped raise 1,000 for the American Red Cross. Spark Volunteers also was invited to be on Rogers State University Public Television. From humble beginnings, the group had a great first year together. Currenlty, the Director is Anna Venizelos. She is a Senior at CHS and at the top of her class. I know she has the dedication it takes to lead a generous organization like Spark Volunteers. Allowing the students to embrace the positive outcome of getting involved within the community looks great on any resume, job application, and college scholarship. Providing the students with a way to explore new opportunities around our community benefits everyone. This is a organization where paying it forward, pays off. So let’s be the Spark, and ignite the difference.

Anthony Wolfe Spark

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