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Moore Deep Thoughts, by Willie Tell Moore

gondolaI was walking downtown yesterday, remembering all the good times I had at Ernie’s, when Dewey Kneadom waved me down from the other side of the street. Dewey just had hemorrhoid removal surgery, so I trotted over to say hi. Dewey had a few suggestions for my list.

First off, he thought my idea to add a caboose to the trains was one of the dumbest ideas in the world. I’ve got to be honest here, I’ve had much, much dumber. “Will Tell, why do we want to add another car on the train to make us wait any longer than we need to?” Dewey’s got a point. His solution is to impose a minimum speed limit on the trains. “Make ‘em run through town at about 80!”. Now, 80 mph may be a little fast, but I think Dewey is on the right track. That might also stop some of them dang fools from driving faster than green grass through a goose across our town to try and beat a train.


And while I’m handing out the crunchies from the bottom of the KFC bucket, some extra crispiness to Ann Onomous for another great suggestion. While our city has done an amazing job at improving Claremore Lake, I must agree the facilities in our town lack something to be desired. Let’s make our facilities #1 for going #2.

I’m giving full credit to Dewey and Ann and combing their ideas as #4 on my top 10 list. Finishing out the final three:

3) Fully develop Cat Creek Canal. Now I know that many of you want to see that developed for purely economic reasons. A nice boardwalk along Cat Creek with restaurants, retail shops and a gondola with someone singing Italian love songs would be good and all, but I’m thinking bigger! Let’s connect the Cat Creek Canal to the Port of Catoosa and we will have a water route all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. This would be good for industry as well as an occasional cruise ship porting in our great community. Of course, it would be limited to smaller cruise ships, but it will continue to build CMost as a recreation destination.

BaconApplePieFinal-300x3002) Bacon. Who doesn’t need more bacon in their diet? Claremost has a fine choice of dining opportunities for Mexican, BBQ, pizza and Asian. But we really need a high end restaurant that features bacon in every dish served. Can you smell what I’m cooking?

1) Free at last! I heard one time that the turnpike between Claremost and Tulsa would become free one day when the Turnpike had paid for that section. Whether that is fact or not, I don’t know. But I do know that if the Turnpike Authority were in charge of the Sahara Desert, it would run out of sand in 5 years. In other words, it will never be paid off. So instead of making it free for all, let’s push to make the Pike free for all citizens of Rogers County! With the technology we have, this can’t be too complicated for a computer system to credit our pike pass at Rogers County gates. This idea might actually make too much sense to work, though.

That’s all for now. Keeping doing more, Claremore.

Will Tell Moore

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  1. I would not hold your breath on a free turnpike! When they opened the Turner Turnpike back in the early 50’s they said the same thing and that has yet to occur!! The other ideas you folks had are really quite good!

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