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Only in Claremore!

These are 2 examples of the inherent good in our little town:)

Many years ago when our boys were in Scouts, the troop had an event at Claremont where Pizza Hut catered the food. Somehow my metal tongs that were used for serving the food returned to Pizza Hut with their supplies. This was when Linda was the manager there. Several years later when we ordered a pizza to go, at the drive thru we got our pizza and our tongs:)

More recently, my son was working with a landscaper and left his cell phone on the running board of the truck. The work job was near the post office. Later a gentleman found the phone in the street, and at his next stop, Atwoods, he called a well used # on the found phone and my cell phone rang (I had accidentally left my phone at home that day). My son’s friend happened to be in my house and heard the phone. She answered it and found out that his phone was at Atwoods. Thank you, kind man!

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