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Rogers County Blue Star Mothers

Rogers County Blue Star Mothers, Inc. is a non-partisan, non-political organization. We do not support any political candidate, nor do we endorse any religious organization. The military represents all aspects of America, as does our organization.

We are mothers who now have, or have had, children honorably serving in the military. We are a non-profit (501 [c] 3) service organization supporting each other and our children while promoting patriotism.

As we strive to support our troops who are now serving in the Middle East with care packages and our veterans who served working with the local veterans centers, we can only achieve this with caring people giving donations and fund raising events.


Who Can Be A Blue Star Mother?

Any woman who filled the role of birthmother, adoptive mother, Step-mother, Foster-mother, Grandmother, or Legal Guardian of a service member at any time in that service members’ life, who is currently serving in any branch of the Armed Forces of the United States of America or have served and has been honorably discharged from the Armed Forces of the United States and she is citizen or legal resident alien (a permanent resident is someone who has been granted authorization to live and work in the United States on a permanent basis) living in the United States or Citizen living outside the United States(stationed or living outside the United States).

Blue Star Dads

Dad’s may join as a associate member.

Blue Star Associates

A spouse, sister, brother, grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin or friend of someone who is serving, or has been honorably discharged from the Armed Forces of the United States.



For more information contact us  @ <emailto:rogerscountybluestarmothers@hotmail.com>

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