Claremore Garage Sales

Effective June 15, 2011, the City of Claremore passed a garage sale ordinance to provide a permitting process and allow residents to advertise their sale with City-issued signs. Residents inside Claremore City limits may visit the Utility Office at 104 S. Muskogee, to obtain a permit. The fee for the permit is $5 and includes three signs; one for the location of the sale and two others that may be placed on street corners or in right-of-way, pending they do not obstruct the view of traffic. Each permit is good for up to three days.  In case of inclement weather on the permitted dates of the sale, the time period may be extended by City staff. Residents are limited to two garage sales per calendar year. Residents who hold a garage sale without a City permit or advertise their sale with signs other than those issued by the City will be subject to a $200 fine. Residents who obtain a permit but do not remove their City-issued signs after the sale will be subject to a $20 fine.

Here is a list of sales for the week. Happy hunting!

Garage Sales in Claremore



Fall has arrived, but garage sale season is still in full swing!

Thursday, November 16th

1806 B Cornerstone Ln.

Friday, November 17th

2931 Rodeo Dr.

1337 N. McFarland Pl.

332 E. Will Rogers Blvd. #1

1806 B Cornerstone Ln.

Saturday, November 18th

2931 Rodeo Dr.

1337 N. McFarland Pl.

2415 Holly Rd.

1806 B Cornerstone Ln.