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Pictured left to right (Robert Melton, Ashley May Orf, Travis Peck, Amy Gordon)

MoreClaremore.com was built on the concept that there are a lot of good Claremorons out there and we just need a common thread to link us together.  No lawsuits, No politics, just good stuff!

A community calendar that we can all go to in a centralized place. All of the assorted websites of the community under the same page.  Contributors from the community who have something positive and relevant to say on a regular basis, but anybody can contribute at any time.

Claremore has a self-esteem problem. We all know this. But this is our thought…

You get up in the morning. You shower. Get dressed. Tuck your shirt in. Brush your teeth. Brush your hair. Look in the mirror and think positive thoughts about what you can go accomplish that day.

Do  you know that you still have flaws?  Of course! Do you focus on them and tell everyone all of your flaws? Or do you let them assess the situation, and maybe they will be ok with the flaws because of who you are.

Claremore gets up every morning and talks about county commissioners fighting. Train track traffic. Not enough restaurants. Not enough retail.

Why don’t we get up and look at our positives. Maybe if we look at the positives, we will figure a way to fix our flaws. We believe it happens that way. If we believe our community has great people walking side by side every day, which it does, maybe one conversation some day will lead to positive things being said to someone who may be a potential investor in our town.

Maybe people will see that the world isn’t a big bad scary place. This doesn’t mean bad things don’t happen. We’re not naïve. But seriously!!  The good things way outnumber the bad and they don’t get half the air time.

There are plenty of outlets for bad things. moreClaremore.com is not one of them.

In our first meetings and concept conversations about moreClaremore, there were two ideas that resonated with us and have became the core of the business.


1) Don’t be mean

2) Be great, be helpful

How great and how simple are those words?


Our community is coming home.

Please join us!

If you would like to be a contributor or have questions for moreClaremore, please email us @ info@moreclaremore.com

We have moved into our permanent location at 115 N. Missouri in historic downtown Claremore. If you need to reach us, please call Ashley at 918-857-1263.