Claremore Collective- Bridging the Gap

This year our focus is “Bridging the gap”. When we started planning for this year we thought about different aspect of the city; Claremore Lake, University, Mainstreet, and local businesses. One of our first initiatives quickly became walk-ability and in the conversation the analogy “Bridging the Gap” was formed. From there we have progressed and in the current climate of COVID-19 it has built into creating a community within our organization and Claremore to bring people back together through all kinds of different Bridges.

How we are Bridging the gap through initiatives:

Districting- Claremore is an amazing city that is rapidly growing and changing. We are making sure that as we grow city, community, and business leaders are collaborating in the zoning of that growth.
Off the Hill- We love our Hillcats and we want them to become a greater part of the Claremore community. We are focused on bringing the community on and off the hill together. We are doing this through  events, marketing, resources, and community service.

Tourism- Claremore is the heart of Route 66 and Will Rogers. Oklahoma is growing on the national radar and we want to ensure that anyone passing through knows our history and how special we are.

Walkability- We have so many wonderful location in Claremore. However, we have noticed a lack of sidewalks and access for our community. We want to make sure children have safe sidewalks and community member have access to all parts of town.


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