You Can Still Get Blue & Gold this Year, Claremore!

As with everything this year, even fundraising will be different. Claremore FFA will still be selling the beloved Blue & Gold products, but it won’t be the same…it may even be easier!

In the past, students took orders, collected money, and delivered products upon arrival. Since that requires a lot of handling, they’ve come up with an alternate plan.

Here’s how it works: Claremore FFA will place a bulk order of products. They will announce community pickup days and times, and customers can come and buy right then. It’s a similar setup to the food box distributions that have been happening. When products run out, another bulk order will be placed.

The Blue & Gold fundraiser has a huge impact on our local FFA programs, so please continue your support. Days and times will be announced soon, so stay tuned!


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